What is this site?

Broads of the Beltway is a DC-based blog written by Lindsay Golder and Natalie Shure. It covers a range of topics, because they write about whatever they want to. 

Who are you people?

Lindsay and Natalie are both freelance writers living in Washington, DC. They are both in their mid-20s, and have day jobs.

How did you meet?

We met while serving in the U.S. Peace Corps in Ukraine from 2008 – 2010.

Where do you live in DC?

We both live in the Bloomingdale neighborhood in Northwest DC. Our back doors are about 40 feet apart.

What are your day jobs?

Lindsay is a contractual public relations professional and event planner, and Natalie works at an international education organization. They write on a freelance basis for various publications, online and in print. You can read more about their individual projects on their respective ‘about’ pages to the left of this link.

Can I reproduce or syndicate any of your content elsewhere online or in print?

We handle these requests on an individual basis. Please e-mail us with specific inquiries here.

I am going to be in DC for a few days. Where do you suggest I go?

We endorse the fine museums and tourist attractions this city has to offer. As for restaurants, bars and nightlife, it depends on what sort of experience you are looking for. Feel free to e-mail us for more detailed advice. Some of our favorite local haunts include: James Mackey’s and Big Hunt for happy hours, the Florida Avenue Grill for a tip-top greasy breakfast, Tryst and Big Bear Café for kick-ass coffee and wi-fi, Five Guys and Shake Shack for burgers and fries, Dukem for Ethiopian, Trusty’s and Wonderland Ballroom for fun neighborhood bars, and Rock and Roll Hotel, Sticky Rice, and Madam’s Organ for a sloppy night of drinks and dancing.

What are your signs?

Lindsay is a Sagittarius, and Natalie is a Virgo.

Is that really a ‘frequently asked question?’

That depends on your definition of ‘really.’

Can we meet in real life?

Maybe. Email us.

I am a casual writer / emerging blogger / person with a good idea. Can I write a guest post for Broads of the Beltway?

Mayhaps. Get at us with your proposal here.

Where else can I find you on the web?

You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook. You could also Google us, but we are less directly responsible for the results.

Can I hire you to write something for me?

Yes! Our professional interests include press releases, ad and website copy, marketing material, humor writing, essays, entertainment, cultural and lifestyle pieces, journalism and haikus. One or both of us have experience with nearly every type of writing, and produce high-quality work quickly. Please direct professional inquiries here.

Where should I send free DVDs and CDs for review on Broads of the Beltway?

Email us for our Batcave’s specific location here.

Do you work with advertisers, sponsors, or wealthy widowers with fully equipped wine cellars?

That all depends on the specifics. Find out here.

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