Outside of the Beltway

Just writing a quick note to let you know that both Lindsay and I are currently far outside of the Beltway. Yes, even further than Ballston or something – I am in Albania, and Lindsay is in Maine. We are both enjoying enthralling holidays and will soon resume our routine of grumbling about DC restaurants and reminiscing about toys from the 1990s.

The center of Tirana, Albania is ripped up for the construction of a pedestrian underpass, and as you may expect, the process is moving very slowly and is presumed to be years from completion. As I meandered around downtown, I had to step over rocks and uneven dust mounds. As I navigated the makeshift fencing to find the proper walking path around the industrial debris, I was reminded of Sherman Avenue and the future site of the H Street streetcar – and Albania didn’t feel so far from Washington after all.

As for Maine, I am not even positive the people there have internet, paved roads or whether or not they bury their dead. Do they know the secret to making fire? Do they hunt and gather, or grow their own crops? It is impossible to say for sure. We can only assume Lindsay is safe, enjoying herself and will return soon.

– Natalie

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2 Responses to “Outside of the Beltway”

  1. Well I never! Yet another baselessly snarky mischaracterization from a girl who believes Delaware is in New England and maliciously mispronounces the word “bag.” I am shocked and outraged at the way in which you revel in willful ignorance! If you find Maine to be such a backwater, why don’t you secede and form your own state?

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