Launch party at Shaw’s happened, was stellar

A warm, enthusiastic, giddy and colossal THANK YOU to each and every person who came to our launch party last night. Shaw’s Tavern went above and beyond the call of duty, and we were so excited that they were so accommodating of our lil’ event that they held their soft opening in conjunction with it. We raised almost a grand for Weave and are thrilled by how eager guests were to support local victims of domestic violence. We felt privileged to meet such a fun, generous and fiercely attractive crowd. We were so happy to have you!

I am also glad to have been among the first people to experience the brand new Shaw’s Tavern, which opens officially sometime next week. Shaw’s Tavern is on 6th and Florida in Shaw (although riled Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park residents exuded proximity pride as well.) It is really lovely. I was charmed by the decor – there is a heavy front door of decoratively wood, exposed brick nearly everywhere, and just-shabby-enough exposed pewter duct work tastefully lining the high ceilings. There is a wide bar that allows patrons to gather and sit on every side of it. Generally, I rue the idea of actually dining at a bar, but the shiny granite lining this one was wide enough to fit several plates comfortably. The kitchen is slightly exposed, and revelers can peek at the action near the pizza ovens. The back seats by the ovens get a bit toasty, but the large door in the back allows air to circulate. There are several solid beers on tap operated by a friendly waitstaff, who were terrific sports in light of the fact that their first night forced them to hit the ground racing cheetahs. I drank rose and ate a pepperoni pizza – the pepperonis were salty and thick, so I was secretly jubilant when I got a mouthful of one. The pizza was light enough to be shared as a bar snack. The dough was on the thick side and chewy, which I greatly prefer to any crust that makes a crunching sound when I chomp down on it. I was too busy talking to the oodles of guests to eat too much, but I heard decent things about the burgers as well (and enjoyed the fries that I sneakily picked off friends’ plates.) There is also a lot of “community seating” – several of the tables are big and obviously meant to be shared, so I think Shaw’s will end up being the type of place that encourages you to chat up the people next to you.

It was a glorious evening with about 200 attendees, and I am quite pleased with the way that everything turned out. The proprietor of Shaw’s is also in the process of developing a restaurant in the old fire house on North Capitol and Quincy.

My only regret is that when I am really busy enjoying myself and meeting new people, my expertly-laid photographic plans crumble like Mayan ruins. Here are a few snippets that survived the joyful wreckage:

We purchased 24 balloons at Giant, but we lost half our good soldiers on the commute from the store to Shaw’s. We ascribe the high casualty rate to heat, wind, over-filling, human error, and the fact that we tried to fit them all in a freaking Volkswagen.








Picture this image in a Driver’s Ed video with a fat red ‘X’ through it.






From beer to eternity





For launch parties, we wear pink.














Thanks again, guys!

– Natalie and Lindsay

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4 Responses to “Launch party at Shaw’s happened, was stellar”

  1. Sorry I couldn’t make it. I’ll be down sometime on Tuesday.

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  3. I like Your Article about Launch party at Shaw’s happened, was stellar | broadsofthebeltway Perfect just what I was looking for! .


  1. Regulators Ponder Fate of Shaw’s Tavern, Lawyer Blames Booze Debacle on ‘Hiring Mistakes’ - Young & Hungry - Washington City Paper - 2011/08/11

    […] Liquor regulators charge the restaurant with serving alcohol without the proper permits at not one, but two soft-opening events: the first, part of ANC 2C's  "safety walk," and the second, a fundraiser for the charity Broads of the Beltway. […]

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