Pre-party prep: a live blog

Natalie: We are a bit over four hours until our launch party at Shaw’s Tavern. Naturally, we are watching re-runs of “17 Kids and Counting” and eating macaroni and cheese in Lindsay’s living room.

Natalie: I just found out that Lindsay almost made a pink bandana that says “Broads of the Beltway Fan” to tie around her dog.
Case in point. This is what Lindsay did to Littlefoot in honor of the royal wedding.

Lindsay: Has anyone else noticed Josh Duggar’s wife looks eerily his sisters. And yes I stand by the bandana idea.

Natalie: We bought two dozen balloons at Giant for the release party earlier. Half of them popped by the time we got back to Shaw’s Tavern. We tried to transport them with the top down, but that led to more poppage.

Lindsay: Oh. My. God. The Duggars are going to a Christian Film Festival with 80’s heartthrob, Kirk Cameron. Obviously now putting off shower until after this episode’s over.

Natalie: I just powered up with a soy latte from Big Bear Cafe. Now I am ready for more Duggar family Netflix nonsense, and also our launch party. We desperately hope to see you there.

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Two ladies quipping from the capital.

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