The first inaugural

Our friendship began in May of 2009.

We couldn’t have known then that we would eventually share a one-bedroom apartment, an American city and a blog. But we do recall some monumental clickage. We bonded over the ability to be Peace Corps Volunteers without succumbing to the temptation of donning hemp and dissecting Noam Chomsky. We met at a Peace Corps gathering in Kirovograd, Ukraine. Although we separated that night (Lindsay to rescue her boyfriend from a public urination charge, and Natalie to rescue hers from believing that was a good idea,) we reconnected the next day over a mutual hangover and the need for a sober re-cap of whatever we had learned about each other the night before.

Over two years later, we are one young professional and one unemployed-with-good-intentions ladies living and working it in Washington, DC. This is our story.


This is the photo we wish we had together. In fact, Lindsay has de-tagged every Facebook picture we’ve ever both been in, and the world is thus under the impression that we are the sort of friends who had some freshman lecture together or something.

About broadsofthebeltway

Two ladies quipping from the capital.

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  1. Love it!

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